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Our fee policy

The fees for legal tax advisory and the filing of annual tax reports in Germany are regulated by law and in addition we work on the basis of written contracts with our clients.

Filing of your annual tax return

The exact amount of fees depends on income and complexity of the tax return.

In cross border matters we charge an advance payment of 595 EUR (inclusive of VAT 95 EUR if applicable), which will be deducted from the final bill.

Additional  36 EUR (plus 19%/1.7.-31.12.2020: 16% VAT) will come up if we receive and check your tax bill from the tax authorities (not including further action in case deviations from the filed tax return occur)

Our “first advice flat rate”

In cross border cases our clients often need first general information and explications on German personal tax obligations for their case: we charge this at a fixed price for "first advice" of 190 EUR plus 20 EUR for expenses plus 19% (1.7.-31.12.2020: 16%) German VAT per tax payer.

On this basis we can determine the work that has to be done, agree on the services which you wish us to provide for you and last but not least calculate the cost.

Ex-pats often are entitled to get a refund by their employer for tax consultancy costs for the first one or two years after arrival. Please ask your employer or check your employment contract.

Starting your own business in Germany

Our “first advice flat rate” also applies if you want to start your own business in Germany. In a first appointment in person we answer your financial and tax questions concerning your new business. We explain your tax position and duties as a corporate tax payer, employer and VAT payer; we help you with the registration process with the tax authorities and answer any other questions you may have concerning these matters.